Auto Suggestion of ADF Faces in CSS file

In Jdeveloper by default the auto suggestion of ADF Faces is disabled for the Skin/CSS file. But Jdev provides the option to enable it so that it’ll be easy for us to add the skinning to ADF faces components.

Settings to be done for this: Tools -> Preferences -> CSS Editor -> Check the ADF Faces Extension


After making the above settings open a CSS file and you will be able to see the auto suggest functionality.


Hope this will be useful…


Default view configuration in Jdeveloper

In Jdeveloper when a jsp/jspx page is opened it automatically opens in Design view. If the page has a larger content then the time taken by Jdeveloper to open it in Design view will be more and some times it may hang the Jdeveloper too. So to avoid this we can give Source view as the default view instead of Design view.

Settings to be done for this: Tools -> Preferences -> File Types -> Default Editors -> Select the required File type and change the Default Editor from the drop down list.


Similarly we can do this Default view configuration for any type of file available in Jdeveloper.