OBIEE Integration with Oracle ADF

This post describes how to Integrate OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) with Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework).

Well our goal is to show up the OBIEE reports and dashboards on our ADF jspx pages.

To achieve this first we need BI extension to be downloaded.

  • In Jdeveloper Click on Help -> Check for Updates and download the BI extensions
  • Jdeveloper will restart soon after extensions get downloaded


Now create a New ADF Application and while creating the project add the BI ADF View Components technology  to the project.


Expand Application Resources -> Right click on Connections -> New Connection -> BI Presentation Services.


Enter the OBIEE host and port details


Give the Username and Password of OBIEE


Click on Test Connection to check the status of connection


Jdeveloper fetches the OBIEE catalog content and displays as presentation services which can be used ADF pages.


Now we can drag and drop the required report or Entire Dashboard to the jspx page.  Here i’m trying to show the dashboard first.

You can give any default values to the Dashboard prompts or you can simply click on OK and continue to make the dashboard to work exactly like in OBIEE.


You can give the height and width for the dashboard.


After adding the dashboard to the page the following code gets generated.


Run the page and you can see the OBIEE Dashboard in the page like shown below


The Reports will look like shown below


When you deploy your EAR file to the server the graphs might not shown up which are showing on local server if you not added the required BI libraries to your project.

To add the BI libraries Select your project right click and choose Project Properties -> Libraries and Classpath -> Add library -> Add the BI Extensions


Generate EAR again and deploy to server.

Issue 1: If you are not able to see the BI presentation Services for a new connection then check your project has required BI ADF view components or not. To add them Simply right click on you project -> Project Properties -> Technology Scope -> Add the  BI ADF view components to the project.

Issue 2: Some times you might not be able to drag and drop the contents to the jspx page. This is mainly because you might be added the BI ADF  View Components after creating the project. This will some times won’t add the required bi related code to the web.xml.

So create a new project and add the BI ADF view Components at the time of creating project.

(or) If you want to continue in the same project then add the below given code to the web.xml





And also add the following code to the jsp root in jspx page.


Now you’ll be able to drag and drop the BI contents to the jspx page.

Issue 3: Unable to load the resources error when trying to fetch the OBIEE maps. Here you have to understand is that ADF tries to fetch only the data from obiee not the map or graphs. By default it has dvt components so it displays the graphs. But map needs base data which it tries to fetch from adf server not from OBIEE server.

Resolution: So in order to fetch OBIEE maps in adf page you have to take the configured mapviewer.war  file from the OBIEE server and then deploy it to ADF server. Then it’ll fetch the base map data from the adf server and the business data from OBIEE and displays it on the map.

Hope you enjoyed the post!!