View the Job Details and run the jobs manually in Oracle Fusion Cloud Application

This post will be helpful in providing the navigation to find the job details and run them from the oracle cloud fusion application. As an example in this post I’ll show the FBDI (File Based Data Import) job details which is much used in real time.

Navigation to view the Job details:

  • Login to Oracle Fusion Cloud Application
  • Click on ‘Setup and Maintenance’ Icon from the home page.
  • Select the required Module from left drop down (Financials)
  • Search with the keyword ‘Manage Custom Enterprise Scheduler Jobs’
  • Select the link ‘Manage Custom Enterprise Scheduler Jobs for Financial and Supply Chain Management and Related Applications’
  • Search with the required Job in the Name column search box (or) in the Display Name column. [search with ‘Load’ keyword in Display Name column search box]
  • Select the required Job from the list and and view the Job details (You can see details like Job Name, Display Name, description, job path, job execution type (Java/ PL SQL/ Process). Using the options provided in the top you can ‘Edit’ the job, ‘Duplicate’ this job, ‘Export to Excel’.

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Navigation to Run the Jobs:

  • Go to the Home page and click on Tools -> ‘Scheduled Processes’
  • Click on ‘Schedule New Process’, which will open a popup.
  • Click on ‘Search..’ link under Name drop down.
  • Search with the required job ‘Load Interface’ and select the job name ‘Load Interface File for Import’ from the list.
  • Basically this job will take the data file (FBDI CSV File) and executes the jobs which we select like ‘Import Projects Billing Events’ job. So the billing data which we upload will be moved to the Project billing events Interface table and from there they’ll be moved to the base tables [means billing events will be created in the cloud application]. This is how we can move the data to oracle cloud application.
  • Select the Import Process ‘Import Projects Billing Events’ and upload appropriate FBDI file and Submit the job.

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Hope you like the post!


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