ADF Desktop Integration – showing table data in Excel workbook

This post explains how to to display table data in the Excel sheet using ADF Desktop Integration.

We’ll be discussing below items

  • Installing ADF- DI extension
  • Creating ADF Application
  • Working with Excel workbook

Installing ADF- DI extension:

Prerequisites: Before proceeding with ADF-DI extension installation first your system should have below soft wares installed, otherwise you end up getting an error when you try to install ADF-DI extension.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime
  • MS Office [I’ve used 2013 version]

Now go to JDeveloper -> ‘Tools’ -> Install ADF Desktop Integration.

Creating ADF Application:

  • Create Fusion Web Application (ADF).¬†Application Name: ADFApp2, project names (keep default as model and viewcontroller)
  • Right click on Model project and create ‘Business Components from Tables’, crete DB connection and select ‘Departments’ table. Drag this table to right pane for updatableVO.
  • Right click on ViewController project and create JSPX page (dept.jspx)
  • Drag and drop the Deaprtments datacontrols from datacontrol section on to the dept.jspx page as table. (which will creates deptPagDef.xml file and along with tree binding in it)
  • Right click on viewcontroller project and create Microsoft Excel Workbook from client tier. (give Name: dept-DT)




Working with Excel workbook:

  • Double click on the excel file and it’ll prompt to select a page definition file from the available all page definition files in the project. Select view_deptPageDef file and click OK.


  • You can see a tree binding (DepartmentsView1) under Binidngs section of the Excel workbook.


  • Drag and drop the tree binding onto the cell and select ‘ADF Read-only Table’ -> OK.


  • It’ll open workbook properties window, there just click on OK. (we’ll configure it later)


  • Now you can see all the tree bindings in the Excel file.


  • in Jdev Right click on ViewController project -> project properties -> Java EE Application -> set ‘Java EE WebContext Root’ as ‘departments’ -> ok.



  • In excel work book click on worksheet properties and configure there to display data.

Worksheet properties -> Events […] -> Add -> StartUp -> ActionSet -> Actions […] -> Add button (Component Action) -> select Download -> OK -> OK -> OK.







  • In Jdev Right click on dept.jspx page and click on Run.
  • In excel workbook under oracle ADF menu tab, click on Run.


  • You can see the table data in the excel sheet as below. After review click on Stop and close the excel.


Hope You enjoyed the post!

In future will come up with more posts related to ADF-DI ‘update records in excel and upload to DB’ , ‘WebService Integration’ etc.